Specialist Form Filling Service

Many of the official forms that a Parent Carer has to deal with can seem daunting and complex.

Unique Ways provide a ‘Specialist Form Filling Support Service’ for our Parent Carer Members that may be struggling with the carer/disability related forms that they need to fill in.

Our Practitioner can support Parent Carers to fill in forms, this type of support, in the majority of circumstances will take the form of a face to face appointment here at Unique Ways.

Some information about our Form Filling Service:-

  • You must be a Member of Unique Ways to access this Service.
  • It is not a Benefits Advice Service.
  • The Unique Ways Form Filling Service is for Parent Carers of children/young people aged 0 – 25 who have a disability/additional need. The form must relate to the child/young person, we do not provide Form Filling Support for adults.
  • The Service usually carries a 6-week waiting time.
  • It is by advance appointments only – it is not a ‘drop in’ service and you can’t turn up on spec expecting the Practitioner to be available.
  • It is only available Monday – Wednesdays during school term time.
  • Appointments are booked in the order they came in – e. no-one can be seen as a priority because their deadline for the return of the form is due in the near future.
  • To get the best from the appointment, the Parent Carer must bring all their evidence with them to the appointment.
  • An appointment for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in some cases, will need a 3-hour appointment.
  • Parent Carers need to complete the personal information on the form in advance, this allows the Practitioner to ensure that the appointment can concentrate on the more difficult questions. Please don’t arrive for your appointment without the evidence required or not having looked at the form in advance.
  • Because there is high demand for this Service, it is appreciated, if circumstances allow, for the Parent Carer to attempt the questions they feel they can complete, this allows the best use of Practitioners time.
  • Our Practitioner is happy to answer queries by telephone or email; however, Parent Carers must be aware that the majority of the time,  the Practitioner is most often in appointments with other Parent Carers.
  • Unique Ways is a small charity of 6 staff team members, the majority of whom are Parent Carers themselves. There is only one ‘Form Filling Practitioner’ working 16 hours per week.


How to book an appointment for Form Filling Support:-

 -When becoming a new member tick the box on our membership form for Form Filling Support .


-When already a member, please contact:-

Stef Knowles| Form Filling Practitioner

usual working ours are Mon to Weds 9:15-2:45

T: 01422 343 090 | E: [email protected] | W: www.uniqueways.org.uk

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