Our trustees are a group of volunteers, the majority of which are parent carers themselves, responsible for the behind-the-scenes operation of Unique Ways. Ensuring that we comply with our governing documents and charity laws, maintaining financial control, setting and maintaining our vision, mission and values – a lot of the things that keep us going!

How do you become a trustee?

Our trustees are all volunteers who attend meetings every two months. A minimum of three-quarters of the board must be parent carers, but we do have space for others too.

To find out more about becoming a trustee, you can contact our Chief Executive Officer, Shona Walsh on 01422 343090 or email [email protected]

Our Trustees

  • Vikki Darby -Chair of Trustees

    Hi all , my name is Vikki Darby and I am the new Chair of the board of trustees for Unique Ways.

    I became a trustee after accessing support from the charity on a number of occasions , for many different kinds of support , while navigating lots of different services, emotions and appointments with my eldest daughter Poppy.

    I still access support as a parent now, as as we know , the path we walk is ever changing and there is always some new challenge to face.

    Away from Unique Ways my favourite things to do are spend time with my children, travel and socialise – something that helps me with my quest to fundraise as and where I can and also try get the charity well known and in the forefront of peoples minds .

    I currently work part-time which gives goes some way to giving me a work/life balance for juggling appointments and meetings , as well as trying to look after myself and do things that help motivate me to keep going with things – as well all know and are told regularly , you cannot pour from an empty jug!

    If anyone would like to reach out to me to discuss being a member of the board , fundraising , or any ideas they have for the charity please feel free to do so !

  • Jemma Enright -Vice Chair of Trustees

    My name is Jemma Enright I am the vice chair of the board of trustees for Unique Ways.

    I became involved with unique ways a number of years ago and during that time have used the variety of services they offer to help me as a parent. I am now passionate about making sure that everyone is able to receive any and all support they need for their children.

    I became a trustee as I wanted to help make sure the fantastic support, knowledge and advice the team are able to give continues to be shared with all our members long into the future.

  • Emma Poyser-Buxton -Trustee

    Hi, I’m Emma Poyser-Buxton. I’ve been a Trustee of Unique Ways for several years.

    My background is in Child Care and Family Support, for the last eighteen years as a Foster Carer For Calderdale.  I’m also an Adopter and Special Guardianship Carer. Four years ago, along with two other fantastic ladies, we founded Calderdale Lighthouse, another local charity.  I think it’s fair to say I love to help and support people where I can.

    I’ve cared for many children with a range of complexities. I’m a passionate advocate for families of children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). I know only to well the battles and hard work being a parent to our unique young people brings.

    I was first introduced to Unique Ways when they helped and supported me with my son’s Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. This is the reason I became a Trustee, to help and support the Charity to continue its fantastic work in supporting Parent Carers because we all need it from time to time.

  • Alison Fielden – Trustee

    I joined the board of trustees in unique ways after using the services as a parent and supporting me in every way when I needed it the most at that time.

    As part of the board of trustees I have a passion for fundraising to help the charity to continue expanding further and have a better future in the long term.

    I live in Halifax with my husband, daughter and my young son.  We enjoy going on holidays in England, having day trips out visiting various places of interest in our local area and beyond.  When I have spare time I enjoy socialising with my friends and going to watch music concerts together.

    I currently work for Calderdale Council within children services which will give me the knowledge and experience to support Unique Ways.  I have previously had experience of working with local charities in our area.

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