Sensory Aid library

The family room at Unique Ways HQ features our sensory aid library – which is exactly what it sounds like. Your child can try out as many of our aids as they like, and members can take them home for a small hire fee. Not only are these toys a lot of fun, they serve as excellent learning and development aids for children with additional needs.

Many of these specialist aids can be very expensive, so our toy library provides a great opportunity to try before you buy. You might find your child responds really well to something you may never have thought of, so we fully recommend taking a look – whether you pop by specifically, or during one of our coffee mornings.

  • Visual Toys

    Visual Aids

    Colourful, eye-catching and attention-grabbing toys that can help visual processing, focus and colour recognition.
  • Auditory Toys

    Auditory Aids

    Rattling, squeaking, musical and animal sound toys that can help listening skills, speech development and reactions.
  • Tactile Toys

    Tactile Aids

    Squishable, squeezable, spinnable, slideable – these toys help develop motor skills, tactile awareness, visual tracking and co-ordination.
  • Proprioception Toys

    Proprioception Aids

    Vibrations, weights, shapes, movements and more – these grabbable toys help co-ordination, balance and awareness of force and motion.
  • Mobility Toys

    Mobility Aids

    Rocking, rolling, wobbling, twisting and spinning toys that can help balance, dexterity, motor skills and concentration.
  • Communication Toys

    Communication Aids

    Toys that encourage communication, from name-the-animal and make-the-sound games to blowing and breathing toys.
  • Socialisation Toys

    Socialisation Aids

    Dolls that encourage caring, and board and ball games that encourage social interaction.