Sensory Aid library

As a Parent Carer Member, you can borrow some aids for free for a specific time period. Not only are these toys a lot of fun, they serve as excellent learning and development aids for children with additional needs.  We just ask that you bring them back in time so they can be available to other Parent Carers to use too.

Many of these specialist aids can be very expensive, so our toy library provides a great opportunity to try before you buy. You might find your child responds really well to something you may never have thought of.

If you are interested in this facility, just ring or ask to speak to our Membership Co-ordinator if you are attending Unique Ways coffee morning or afternoon tea.

Tel: 01422 343 090

Email: [email protected]


  • Visual Toys

    Visual Aids

    Colourful, eye-catching and attention-grabbing toys that can help visual processing, focus and colour recognition.
  • Auditory Toys

    Auditory Aids

    Rattling, squeaking, musical and animal sound toys that can help listening skills, speech development and reactions.
  • Tactile Toys

    Tactile Aids

    Squishable, squeezable, spinnable, slideable – these toys help develop motor skills, tactile awareness, visual tracking and co-ordination.
  • Proprioception Toys

    Proprioception Aids

    Vibrations, weights, shapes, movements and more – these grabbable toys help co-ordination, balance and awareness of force and motion.
  • Mobility Toys

    Mobility Aids

    Rocking, rolling, wobbling, twisting and spinning toys that can help balance, dexterity, motor skills and concentration.
  • Communication Toys

    Communication Aids

    Toys that encourage communication, from name-the-animal and make-the-sound games to blowing and breathing toys.
  • Socialisation Toys

    Socialisation Aids

    Dolls that encourage caring, and board and ball games that encourage social interaction.