Due to unprecedented demand, the Emergency Support Fund is now paused. We will not be accepting any further applications until further notice.
The value of the entire grant fund was only £3,000, we have received requests totaling over £40,000.
The Unique Ways Team

Helping Current Members of Unique Ways with Emergency Support Funding


For a limited period of 5 months (January – May 2023), Unique Ways are able to offer ‘Emergency Grants’ to our current Members in need of emergency financial support.  This is a very small pot of funding and it is available for a limited period.  Depending upon number of requests received, it is highly likely the funding could be fully allocated before May 2023.  A one-off emergency support grant can be made of up to £200.00.  You will need to provide proof of grant spend.


These grants can be applied for if you were an existing Member of Unique Ways as at 1st January 2023.

The grants are for emergency financial support only.

Some examples of what we can fund:

  • Replacement or fixing of household appliances e.g. cooker, fridge, freezer, microwave, washing machine, tumble dryer etc.
  • Kitchen appliances.
  • School uniforms and school resources e.g. text books.
  • Emergency specific pieces of equipment needed to improve life for the child/young person with the disability and/or additional need.
  • Support with bills.
  • Warm clothing and bedding.
  • Sensory or play equipment or technology to help your child.

Some examples of what we can’t fund:

  • Paying of utility bills in whole or part.
  • Counselling and psychotherapy services.
  • Support to buy food (as this is freely available from a variety or providers throughout Calderdale).
  • Items that you have already bought.
  • Items that should be provided by a statutory agency such as a local authority or health service after a need’s assessment – such as home adaptations, therapies, specialist buggies etc.

How to apply:

Eligible Members must complete the application form below:-


Unique Ways are able to offer this support to it’s Members as we were successful in applying to the following fund:

Calderdale Cost of Living Fund, created by the following Partners:-

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