The Sleep Fairy and Continuing Professional Development Training

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It has been a very exciting week at sleep towers!

I recently attended my Continuing Professional Development training with the Children’s Sleep Charity in Sheffield. I attend additional training twice a year to ensure I stay up to date with all developments in the sleep world and of course share experiences and knowledge with other sleep practitioner from across the country.

I was particularly interested in the subjects covered this time and knew I would be able to bring lots of information back to Calderdale.

Our first session was delivered by the team leader within the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Team and she spoke about sensory processing and the sensory system. This was interesting not only with respect to sleep but also for my role supporting families, we covered things like potty training the sensory sensitive child, eating, calm down methods and normalising behaviour. We then had a session on Sensory issues in Children and Young People with ASD. This was also really interesting and such an important part of a lot of the work I do.

After lunch we continued the theme and discussed developments within the sleep charity. We discussed current research projects and Vicki from The Children’s Sleep Charity updated us on an exciting new project looking at sleep and children with ADHD.

Since the Training I am pleased to report I have been co-opted to consult on the steering committee looking at sleep and children with ADHD, something we are all very excited about!

Meaning Calderdale and particularly our members will be at the forefront of any developments in sleep issues in children with ADHD.

We are on the wind down to Christmas now and hope you all have restful time, you can see our top tips for Coping with Christmas in this blog.



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