• Insiders’ Guide - Our Insider’s Guide focuses on what it means to be a parent carer of a child with additional needs and is delivered over 6 consecutive weeks. Each Insider’s Guide course has a specific topic, namely: Challenging Behaviour, Under 5’s Under 12’s, Teenagers and Complex Health Needs.

    Our course offerings are delivered based on demand from our members

    PHEW: Parenting for Healthy Emotional Wellbeing - Our PHEW course shares tools, ideas and insight that will help you to recognise and improve the mental health and wellbeing of your young person. Working alongside Healthy Minds, this course will also include a session on coping strategies.

    PCP: Person Centred Planning - Discover how person centred planning can be used to create unique and personalised EHC plans which focus on your child’s aspirations and outcomes for the future.

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